EVS-EN 1755:2015

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Kehtiv alates 03.12.2015
EN 1755:2015
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53.060 Tööstuslikud mootorkärud
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This European Standard applies to self-propelled and pedestrian propelled manual and semi-manual industrial trucks as defined in ISO 5053 1 including their load handling devices and attachments (hereafter referred to as trucks) intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. NOTE 1 Attachments mounted on the load carrier or on fork arms which are removable by the user are not considered to be a part of the truck. This European Standard specifies supplementary technical requirements for the prevention of the ignition of an explosive atmosphere of flammable gases, vapours, mists or dusts by industrial trucks of equipment group II and equipment category 2G, 3G, 2D or 3D. NOTE 2 The relationship between an equipment category (hereafter referred to as category) and the corresponding zone (area classification) is shown in informative Annex B. This European Standard does not include: -trucks of equipment group I; -trucks of equipment group II, equipment category 1; -trucks intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with hybrid mixtures; -protective systems. This European Standard is not applicable to trucks intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of carbon disulphide (CS2), carbon monoxide (CO) and/or ethylene oxide (C2H4O) due to the special properties of these gases. This standard is applicable to trucks intended for use in atmospheres with an ambient temperature range of 20 °C to +40 °C, i.e. trucks built in accordance with this European Standard will be satisfactory to any service conditions within this range unless otherwise specified. NOTE 3 The ambient temperature range -20 °C to +40 °C is in line with EN ISO 3691-1.
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