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EVS-EN 50341-2-21:2023

Overhead electrical lines exceeding AC 1 kV - National Normative Aspects (NNA) for Slovenia (based on EN 50341-1:2012)


Kehtiv alates 15.08.2023
EN 50341-2-21:2023
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
29.240.20 Elektrijaotusliinid
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1.1 General
(A-dev) SI.1 Definition of the new overhead power line
A new overhead power line is defined as a functionally completed installation for the transmission of electricity between points A and B (i.e. the new construction of all conductors, their supports together with foundations, earthing system, insulators, accessories and fittings).
The overhead lines currently being designed (starting of a design to obtain a building permit) or being under construction may be completed in accordance with the standards in force at the time of the start of the design or construction of the overhead line.
In the case of maintenance and renovation works with major structural changes to overhead lines, this standard shall be applied in accordance with the project specification. E.g., for the construction of new support on new foundations in the existing overhead line, the provisions of this standard shall be applied to support and foundations but for the other elements of the overhead line don’t need to be complied with this
For the design and construction of DC overhead lines, the requirements of this standard are also applicable to the design of structures, but not for electrical requirements, which have to be specified in the project specification.
1.2 Field of application
(ncpt) SI.1 Conductors with optical fiber wires
This standard is also applicable for designing and construction of conductors with fiber optic wires (OPPC), optical ground wires (OPGW) and ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) cables.
(ncpt) SI.2 Use of cover conductors and overhead insulated cable networks
In overhead lines with covered conductors, insulated by artificial mass and overhead insulated cable networks up to and including 45 kV, project requirements shall be defined in the project specification.
(ncpt) SI.3 Use for the installation of other equipment on supports
This Standard also applies to all other equipment intended for installation of new overhead line supports. Other equipment shall be considered as the equipment which does not belong to the basic elements of the overhead line, e. g. equipment for the passage of overhead line into cable, disconnectors, telecommunications equipment, meteorological equipment, measuring equipment and more. Static verification of the
support and foundation of the overhead water must be carried out due to the impact of the self-weight of other equipment and the impact of wind and ice on other equipment.

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