EVS-EN 61526:2013

Radiation protection instrumentation - Measurement of personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) for X, gamma, neutron and beta radiations - Direct reading personal dose equivalent meters (IEC 61526:2010, modified)

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IEC 61526:2010; EN 61526:2013
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This International Standard applies to personal dose equivalent meters with the following characteristics: a) They are worn on the trunk or the extremities of the body. b) They measure the personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) from external X and gamma, neutron and beta radiations, and may measure the personal dose equivalent rates () 10 p H & and () 07 0 p , H & . c) They have a digital indication. d) They may have alarm functions for the personal dose equivalents or personal dose equivalent rates. This standard is therefore applicable to the measurement of the following combinations of dose quantities (including the respective dose rates) and radiation 1) Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) from X and gamma radiations; 2) Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) from X, gamma and beta radiations; 3) Hp(10) from X and gamma radiations; 4) Hp(10) from neutron radiations; 5) Hp(10) from X, gamma and neutron radiations; 6) Hp(0,07) from X, gamma and beta radiations. NOTE 1 When reference is made in this standard to ”dose”, this is meant to indicate personal dose equivalent, unless otherwise stated. NOTE 2 When reference is made in this standard to ”dosemeter”, this is meant to include all personal dose equivalent meters, unless otherwise stated. This standard specifies requirements for the dosemeter and, if supplied, for its associated readout system. This standard specifies, for the dosemeters described above, general characteristics, general test procedures, radiation characteristics as well as electrical, mechanical, safety and environmental characteristics. The only requirements specified for associated readout systems are those which affect its accuracy of readout of the personal dose equivalent and alarm settings and those which concern the influence of the reader on the dosemeter. This standard also specifies in Annex C usage categories with respect to different measuring capabilities. This standard does not cover special requirements for accident or emergency dosimetry although the dosemeters may be used for this purpose. The standard does not apply to dosemeters used for measurement of pulsed radiation, such as radiation emanating from most medical diagnostic X-ray facilities, linear accelerators or similar equipment.
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