EVS-EN IEC 55014-2:2021

Elektromagnetiline ühilduvus. Nõuded majapidamismasinatele, elektrilistele tööriistadele ja muudele taolistele seadmetele. Osa 2: Häiringutaluvus. Tooteperekonna standard

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CISPR 14-2:2020; EN IEC 55014-2:2021
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This part of CISPR 14 specifies the electromagnetic immunity requirements in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz that apply to appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus as specified below, whether powered by AC or DC (including a battery). This document specifies immunity requirements for continuous and transient electromagnetic disturbances, both conducted and radiated. Unless otherwise specified, this document is applicable to all equipment in the scope of CISPR 14-1, namely: • household appliances or similar apparatus; NOTE 1 Examples are equipment used: – for typical housekeeping functions in the household environment, which includes the dwelling and its associated buildings, the garden, etc.; – for typical housekeeping functions in shops, offices, commercial and other similar working environments; – on farms; – by clients in hotels and other residential type environments; – for induction cooking or air conditioning, either in residential or commercial environments. • electric tools; NOTE 2 Examples of electric tools include electric motor-operated or electromagnetically driven hand-held tools, transportable tools, lawn and garden machinery. • similar apparatus; NOTE 3 Examples are: – external power controllers using semiconductor devices; – motor-driven electro-medical equipment; – electric/electronic toys; – personal care and beauty care appliances; – automatic goods-dispensing machines; – entertainment machines; – cine or slide projectors; – battery chargers and external power supplies for use with products under the scope of this document; – electric fence energisers. Included in the scope of this document are also microwave ovens for domestic use or catering. Equipment which incorporate radio transmit/receive functions are included in the scope of this document. NOTE 4 For handling cases where equipment under the scope of this document is combined with transmit and/or receive radio functions, see Clause 8. Excluded from the scope of this document are: – equipment for which all electromagnetic immunity requirements are explicitly formulated in other CISPR or IEC standards; NOTE 5 Examples are: • luminaires, including portable luminaires for children, discharge lamps, LED lamps and other lighting devices under the scope of IEC 61547 (but see 8.7); • multimedia equipment under the scope of CISPR 35; • mains communication devices, as well as baby surveillance systems; • arc welding equipment. – equipment intended to be part of the fixed electrical installation of buildings (e.g. fuses, circuit breakers, cables and switches); – medical electrical equipment, including those in the scope of CISPR 14-1; – equipment used only in industrial environment; – equipment intended to be used exclusively in locations where special electromagnetic conditions exist (e.g. high electromagnetic fields nearby broadcast transmitting stations or high energy pulses nearby power generation stations); – equipment intended to be used exclusively on a vehicle, ship, boat or aircraft; – the effects of electromagnetic phenomena relating to the safety of apparatus (see IEC 60335 series); Also excluded from the scope of this document is AC single-phase equipment with a rated voltage higher than 250 V between phase and neutral and AC multi-phase equipment with rated voltage higher than 480 V. Abnormal operation of the equipment, such as simulated faults in the electric circuitry for testing purposes, is not taken into consideration.
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