EVS-EN IEC 61970-600-2:2021

Energy management system application program interface (EMS-API) - Part 600-2: Common Grid Model Exchange Specification (CGMES) - Exchange profiles specification

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IEC 61970-600-2:2021; EN IEC 61970-600-2:2021
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IEC 61970-600-2:2021 defines the profiles included in the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) that are based on IEC 61970-450-series and IEC 61968-13 profiles. This document refers to the IEC 61970-450-series and IEC 61968-13 profiles only in cases where they are identical. If the referenced profile is not yet published, this document includes the profile definition and related constraints’ definitions. In the case where a CGMES profile makes restriction on the referenced profile, the restriction is defined in this document.
The equipment boundary profile (EQBD) is the only profile that is not part of IEC 61970-450-series and IEC 61968-13 profiles. This profile is deprecated as modifications have been made to align between EQBP and the equipment profile (EQ). Although the updated EQBD is addressing the requirement that boundary also can be located inside a substation, which will be the case for many Distribution System Operators (DSOs), additional information would need to be exchanged. For instance, system integrity protection schemes, that can be shared by multiple utility would require another way of boundary handling. In this document EQBD is included in CGMES only to create better backwards compatibility with previous version of the CGMES.
The machine-readable documentation that supports model driven development of the profiles defined in this part are generated as Resource Description Framework Schema (RDFS) according to IEC 61970-501:2006 (with some extension) and IEC 61970-501:ED2 when published.
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