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EVS-EN IEC 62847:2023

Railway applications - Rolling stock - Electrical connectors - Requirements and test methods


Kehtiv alates 01.06.2023
IEC 62847:2016; EN IEC 62847:2023
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This International Standard retains IEC 61984:2008 as the minimum performance requirements for railway rolling stock electrical connectors.
It identifies additional terms, test methods and performance requirements for single-pole and multipole connectors with rated voltages up to 1 000 V, rated currents up to 125 A per contact and frequencies below 3 MHz used for indoor and outdoor applications in railway rolling stock.
This International Standard does not cover:
- connectors with breaking capacity (CBCs) as defined in IEC 61984:2008, 3.2, because on board rolling stock connectors are not intended to be operated (i.e. mated and unmated) under load or when live, either by means of procedures or by the presence of interlocks, as required by IEC 61991;
- non-rewirable connectors as defined in IEC 61984:2008, 3.5;
- automatic couplers, due to their additional mechanical complexity and the need for more specific requirements and testing;
- inter-vehicle jumpers, as they are connector and cable assemblies whose characteristics depend on those of both elements. Inter-vehicle connectors within the limits set in the scope of this International Standard are therefore covered by the agreed choice of suitable mechanical and environmental characteristics as defined by Annex B, and suggested by Annex C.
This International Standard identifies the application levels for electrical connectors based on
a) the severity of the service conditions in different rolling stock technologies,
b) the intended use of the rolling stock,
c) the location of the connector in the rolling stock system.
This International Standard is not applicable to internal connections of electronic devices such as connectors for printed boards and rack-and-panel connectors.

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