EVS-EN ISO 13766-1:2018

Mullatöö- ja ehitusmasinad. Elektromagnetiline ühilduvus. Osa 1: Üldised elektromagnetilise ühilduvuse nõuded tüüpilistes elektromagnetilise ühilduvuse keskkonnatingimustes

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ISO 13766-1:2018; EN ISO 13766-1:2018
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2014/30/EU Elektromagnetiline ühilduvus
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ISO 13766-1:2018 provides test methods and acceptance criteria for the evaluation of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of earth-moving machinery, as defined in ISO 6165:2012, and of the following building construction machinery as defined in ISO/TR 12603:2010: - drilling and foundation equipment; - equipment used for the preparation, conveyance and compaction of concrete, mortar and processing reinforcement; - road construction and maintenance machinery and equipment. ISO 13766-1:2018 deals with general EMC requirements under typical electromagnetic environmental conditions. (ISO 13766‑2:2018 deals with EMC requirements specifically related to functional safety). Electrical/electronic subassemblies (ESA) and separate ESA intended to be fitted to the machinery are also dealt with. The following electromagnetic disturbance phenomena are evaluated: - broadband and narrowband electromagnetic interference; - electromagnetic field immunity; - electrostatic discharge; - conducted transients. The machinery can have DC or AC or a combination of both as the internal electrical power supply system. ISO 13766-1:2018 is not applicable to machines that are designed to be supplied by an external mains network or to phenomena caused by military applications. NOTE 1 Grid-connected machines are covered by IEC 61000. NOTE 2 Hybrid machines are covered in UN ECE R10-Rev. 5.
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