EVS-EN ISO 14405-3:2017

Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Dimensional tolerancing - Part 3: Angular sizes (ISO 14405-3:2016)

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ISO 14405-3:2016; EN ISO 14405-3:2017
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ISO 14405-3:2016 establishes the default specification operator for angular size and defines a number of special specification operators for features of angular size: cone (truncated, i.e. frustum, or not), wedge (truncated or not), two opposite straight lines (intersection of a wedge/truncated wedge and a plane perpendicular to the intersection straight line of the two planes of the wedge/truncated wedge, intersection of a cone/frustum and a plane containing the axis of revolution of the cone/frustum). See Figure 1 and Figure 2. ISO 14405-3:2016 also defines the specification modifiers and the drawing indications for these angular sizes. ISO 14405-3:2016 covers the following angular sizes: - local angular size: - angular size between two lines; - portion angular size; - global angular size: - direct global angular size: - least squares angular size; - minimax angular size; - rank order angular size/indirect global angular size: - maximum angular size; - minimum angular size; - average angular size; - range of angular sizes; - mid-range angular size; - median angular size; - standard deviation of angular size. ISO 14405-3:2016 defines the meaning of tolerances of angular sizes indicated as - + and/or - limit deviations, e.g. 0°/-0,5°, or - indicated with upper limit of size (ULS) and/or lower limit of size (LLS), e.g. 35° max. or 15° min., 34°/36°, - with or without modifiers. ISO 14405-3:2016 provides a set of tools to express several types of angular size characteristics. It does not give any information on the relationship between a function or a use and an angular size characteristic.
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