EVS-EN ISO 9241-161:2016

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 161: Guidance on visual user-interface elements (ISO 9241-161:2016)

Kehtiv alates 04.04.2016
ISO 9241-161:2016; EN ISO 9241-161:2016
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This part of ISO 9241 describes visual user-interface elements and provides requirements and recommendations on when and how to use them. This part of ISO 9241 is concerned with software components of interactive systems to make human-system interaction usable as far as the basic interaction aspects are concerned. This part of ISO 9241 provides a comprehensive list of generic visual user-interface elements, regardless of a specific dialogue technique, input method, visualization, and platform or implementation technology. It also addresses derivates, compositions (assemblies) and states of user interface elements. It gives requirements and recommendations on selection, usage and dependencies of user interface elements and their application. It is applicable regardless of a fixed, portable or mobile interactive system. It does not provide detailed coverage of the methods and techniques required for design of user-interface elements. This standard does not address implementation and interaction details for specific input methods or technologies. It does not cover decorative user interface elements that are intended to address solely aesthetic (hedonic) qualities in the user interface eg. background images. The information in this part of ISO 9241 is intended for use by those responsible for designing and evaluating user interfaces, but also for planning and managing platform specific aspects of user interface screen design. It also provides guidance for human factors/ergonomics and usability professionals involved in human-centred design. It addresses technical issues only to the extent necessary to allow users of this international standard to understand the relevance and importance of a consistent interface element usage and selection in the design process as a whole. Annex C provides a checklist that can be used to support claims of conformance to this standard.
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