IEC 62499:2021

Railway applications - Current collection systems - Pantographs, testing methods for contact strips

Kehtiv alates 16.12.2021
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IEC 62499:2021 gives rules for testing methods for newly manufactured pantographs contact strips. Not all tests may be relevant to some designs of contact strips. This document excludes tests using a particular pantograph. Additional supplementary tests, out of the scope of this document, may be necessary to determine suitability for a particular application and are by prior agreement between customer and manufacturer. It is based on EN 50405:2015. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2008. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a. Title modified; b. The scope of this standard is changed from carbon contact strips to contact strips; c. Replacement of several reference standards; d. Several terms and abbreviated terms are introduced; - The definitions of metalized contact strip and metal contact strip are introduced according to the metal or carbon content by weight; - The definitions of contact strip structures and types are introduced; e. Requirements for data sheets are introduced; f. Table 1: Schedule of tests and Table 2: Sequence of tests are introduced; g. the requirements for certain test methods and test acceptance criteria are updated; h. Test of metal content for metalized contact strip, test of the coefficient of friction, optional test of the impact resistance of the carbon material and optional test of wear properties are added; - Annex A and Annex B are introduced.
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