IEC 62977-2-1:2021

Electronic displays - Part 2-1: Measurements of optical characteristics - Fundamental measurements

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IEC 62977-2-1:2021(E) specifies standard measurement conditions and measuring methods for determining the optical characteristics of electronic display modules and systems. These methods apply to emissive and transmissive direct view displays that render real 2D images on a flat panel. This document evaluates the optical characteristics of these displays under darkroom conditions. This document applies to the testing of display performance in response to standard analogue or digital input signals that are not absolute luminance encoded. The input signal is relative RGB without metadata information that codes for real luminance, colour space or colour coordinates. These methods are limited to input signals with typical OETFs such as defined in IEC 61966-2-1, ITU BT. Rec. 601, ITU BT. Rec.709, and ITU BT. Rec.2020. The tests in this document are not approved for use with HDR input signals. NOTE A flat panel or flat panel display is a display with a flat surface and minimal depth that emits visible light from the surface. The display is subdivided into an array of electronically driven pixels which can be light valves modulating a backlight, or self-luminous. Emissive/transmissive/reflective hybrid displays can be flat panel or flat panel displays.
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