IEC 63096:2020

Nuclear power plants - Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems - Security controls

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IEC 63096:2020 provides a catalogue of highly recommended and optional security controls graded (see Clause 5 to Clause 20) in line with the security degrees defined by IEC 62645. These are intended for nuclear I&C programmable digital systems and architecture including related activities (I&C platform development, project engineering, operation and maintenance).
This document is intended to be used for designing I&C systems for new NPPs, and modernizing and modifying I&C systems for existing NPPs throughout the I&C programmable digital systems lifecycle. It may also be applicable to other types of nuclear facilities.
This document addresses the whole scope of nuclear I&C programmable digital systems, both safety and non-safety classified. The scope of this document also includes sensors, actuators and electrical systems that belong to the I&C control loop. It is also applicable to those parts of electrical systems covered by IEC 63046, which rely on digital programmable technology. For better readability the terms “nuclear I&C programmable digital systems”, “I&C system” or “I&C platform” used in this document implicitly include electrical systems if the electrical system includes a programmable digital systems.
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