ISO 14955-3:2020

Machine tools -- Environmental evaluation of machine tools -- Part 3: Principles for testing metal-cutting machine tools with respect to energy efficiency

Kehtiv alates 08.07.2020
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This document supports the energy-saving design methodology according to ISO 14955-1 and the methods for measuring energy supplied to machine tools and machine tool components defined in ISO 14955-2. This document addresses the environmental evaluation of machine tools during the use stage based on reference scenarios. It contains an example for metal cutting machine tools. This document defines a methodological approach to assess relevant machine tool operating states based on an individual reference scenario for the energy assessment of machine tools and the integration of energy-efficiency aspects into machine tool design. This document explains what needs to be measured in line with ISO 14955-1 and ISO 14955-2. Furthermore, it shows how a reference scenario for the measurement of the machine function "processing", according to ISO 14955-1, is evaluated. An example of how to use this document is given in Annex A. The results from applying this document are influenced by the effect of user behaviour and manufacturing strategies during the use phase. This document does not support the comparison of machine tools.
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