ISO 8102-2:2021

Electrical requirements for lifts, escalators and moving walks — Part 2: Electromagnetic compatibility with regard to immunity

Kehtiv alates 13.01.2021
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91.140.90 Liftid. Eskalaatorid
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This document specifies the immunity performance criteria and test levels for apparatus used in lifts, escalators and moving walks which are intended to be permanently installed in buildings including the basic safety requirements in regard to their electromagnetic environment. These levels represent essential EMC requirements. This document refers to EM conditions as existing in residential, office and industrial buildings. This document addresses commonly known EMC related hazards and hazardous situations relevant to lifts, escalators and moving walks when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the lift installer or escalator and/or moving walk manufacturer. It is assumed that no ports connected to safety circuit only are rated at currents greater than 100 amps. It is assumed that mobile telephones and radio transmitters used at frequencies and power of that stated in Table 1 are not placed within 200 mm distance from safety circuit(s). However: - performance criteria and test levels for apparatus/assembly of apparatus used in general function circuits do not cover situations with an extremely low probability of occurrence; - this document does not apply to other apparatus already proven to be in conformity to the EMC national regulation, and not related to the safety of the lift, escalator or moving walk, such as lighting apparatus, communication apparatus, etc. This document does not apply to electromagnetic environments such as: - radio transmitter stations; - railways and metros; - heavy industrial plant; - electricity power stations; which need additional investigations. This document is not applicable to apparatus which were manufactured before the date of its publication.
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