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Playground and recreational areas - Framework for the competence of playground inspectors

  • Status: Valid
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  • Base Documents: CEN/TR 17207:2018
  • ICS Group: 97.200.40 Playgrounds
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This framework forms a guideline for the education, examination and evaluation of the inspectors’ competence concerning public playground and recreational sports environments. For each specific task an inspector may need to perform, this guideline describes the knowledge required and also sets out the basic level of knowledge necessary. The standard EN 1176 parts 1 and 7 detail the different types or levels of inspections required to help provide a play environment that is suitable for children to play in. The different types of inspections demand different levels of knowledge; these are: - routine visual inspection; - operational inspection; - annual main inspection; - post-installation inspection. As well as these inspections identified in the standard there are also other inspections or activities that are useful in helping to ensure the safe operation of a play environment: - post-accident inspection; - pre-installation consultation; - mid-installation surveillance. In this guideline there is a broad explanation of what these inspections are and how they should be performed. This guideline doesn’t cover the competence of staff conducting product certification. Due to the variety of items that can be encountered in the playground environment this guideline can be used to evaluate an inspector’s competence for the following equipment e.g.: - playground equipment (EN 1176-1, −6, 1-10 and −11); - roller-sport infrastructures (EN 14974); - multi-sport arenas (EN 15312); - outdoor exercise equipment (EN 16630); - bouldering walls (EN 12572-2); - portable and permanent socketed goals (EN 16579); - parkour facilities (EN 16899); - adventure playgrounds. This Technical Report is not intended for: - toys (EN 71 series); - rope courses (EN 15567 series); - inflatable play equipment (EN 14960).

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