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Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution networks

This European Standard defines, describes and specifies the main characteristics of the voltage at a network user's supply terminals in public low voltage, medium and high voltage AC electricity networks under normal operating conditions. This standard describes the limits or values within which the voltage characteristics can be expected to remain at any supply terminal in public European electricity networks and does not describe the average situation usually experienced by an individual network user. NOTE 1 For the definitions of low, medium and high voltage see 3 (Definitions). This European Standard does not apply under abnormal operating conditions, including the following: a) a temporary supply arrangement to keep network users supplied during conditions arising as a result of a fault, maintenance and construction work, or to minimize the extent and duration of a loss of supply; b) in the case of non-compliance of a network user's installation or equipment with the relevant standards or with the technical requirements for connection, established either by the public authorities or the network operator, including the limits for the emission of conducted disturbances; NOTE 2 A network user’s installation may include load and generation. c) in exceptional situations, in particular, 1) exceptional weather conditions and other natural disasters; 2) third party interference; 3) acts by public authorities; 4) industrial actions (subject to legal requirements); 5) force majeure; 6) power shortages resulting from external events. The voltage characteristics given in this standard are not intended to be used as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) levels or user emission limits for conducted disturbances in public electricity networks. The voltage characteristics given in this standard are not intended to be used to specify requirements in equipment product standards and in installation standards. NOTE 3 The performance of equipment might be impaired if it is subjected to supply conditions which are not specified in the equipment product standard. This standard may be superseded in total or in part by the terms of a contract between the individual network user and the network operator. NOTE 4 The sharing of complaint management and problem mitigation costs between the involved parties is outside the scope of EN 50160. Measurement methods to be applied in this standard are described in EN 61000-4-30.

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