CEN ISO/TR 22100-5:2022

Safety of machinery - Relationship with ISO 12100 - Part 5: Implications of artificial intelligence machine learning (ISO/TR 22100-5:2021)

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Valid from 17.05.2022
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ISO/TR 22100-5:2021; CEN ISO/TR 22100-5:2022
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This document addresses how artificial intelligence machine learning can impact the safety of machinery and machinery systems. This document describes how hazards being associated with artificial intelligence (AI) applications machine learning in machinery or machinery systems, and designed to act within specific limits, can be considered in the risk assessment process. This document is not applicable to machinery or machinery systems with AI applications machine learning designed to act beyond specified limits that can result in unpredictable effects. This document does not address safety systems with AI, for example, safety-related sensors and other safety-related parts of control systems.
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