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EVS-EN ISO 13849-1:2023

Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General principles for design (ISO 13849-1:2023)

General information

Valid from 01.06.2023
Base Documents
ISO 13849-1:2023; EN ISO 13849-1:2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 13849-1 guides designing and incorporating safety-related parts of control systems responsible for safety functions. It covers various aspects, including software design, to ensure safety measures are effectively implemented. ISO 13849-1 specifies a methodology for SRP/CS design without considering if certain machinery (e.g. mobile machinery) has specific requirements. These particular requirements can be considered in a Type‑C standard.

This standard is useful for:

— machine manufacturers, machine users, employers and employees,

— health and safety bodies (regulators, accident prevention organisations, market surveillance),

— service providers (e. g. for maintenance),

— consumers (in the case of machinery intended for use by consumers).

Machinery covered by this standard can range from simple (e.g. small kitchen machines, or automatic doors and gates) to complex (e.g. packaging machines, printing machines, presses and integrated machinery into a system). ISO 13849-1 does not provide specific measures for security aspects (e.g. physical, IT security, cyber security). The text of ISO 13849-1:2023 has been approved in Europe as EVS-EN ISO 13849-1:2023 without any changes.

Changes in this edition are:

— the whole document was reorganized to better follow the design and development process for control systems,

— standard introduces new recommendations for risk assessment,

— new clause on software safety requirements and ergonomic aspects of design.

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