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EVS-EN 1191:2012

Windows and doors - Resistance to repeated opening and closing - Test method

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Valid from 04.01.2013
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EN 1191:2012
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This European Standard specifies the method to be used to determine the resistance to repeated opening and closing of windows and pedestrian doorsets when subjected to repeated opening and closing. It applies to all construction materials and operating systems for any window or pedestrian doorset, including gaskets and building hardware, in normal operating conditions. The parts concerned in the testing are the frame, the opening component (including any additional moving components e.g. an inactive sash/leaf) and all essential and directly involved building hardware, including operating devices, for example, the handle. The testing does not include any hardware whose operation is not directly involved in the opening and closing of the moving components: added-on fastening systems such as peg-stays or cabin hooks or bolts, nor, unless specified, any independently installed stops (not connected to the complete assembly) such as a wall or ground-mounted stop. NOTE 1 The Annexes provide more details on the testing procedures that may differ from the main part of this European Standard and are mandatory: − Annex A applies to Tilt and Turn, Tilt-First, Turn-Only, or Tilt-Only windows and door-height windows; − Annex B applies to Sliding, Lift and Slide or Lift and Slide and Tilt windows and door-height windows; − Annex C applies to Tilt and Slide windows and door-height windows; − Annex D applies to Fold and Slide windows and door-height windows; − Annex E applies to horizontal and vertical pivot windows and door-height windows; − Annex F applies to Vertical Sliding windows; − Annex G applies to side-hung casements and top-hung windows, opening outwards (including reversible windows); − Annex H applies to side-hung single swing pedestrian doorsets excluding power operated doors; − Annex I applies to power-operated (automatic) side-hung single-swing pedestrian doorsets. NOTE 2 In this European Standard the term door-height window is used for windows that are used for the passage of pedestrians, i.e. as a pedestrian doorset.

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