EVS-EN 16034:2014

Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows - Product standard, performance characteristics - Fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics

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Valid from 07.11.2014
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EN 16034:2014
Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (Construction products) Note: EN 16034:2014 shall only be applied together with either EN 13241:2003+A2:2016 or EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016.

Standard history

This European Standard identifies material independent, safety and performance requirements applicable to all fire resisting and/or smoke control products intended to be used in fire and/or smoke compartmentation and/or escape routes, which are either: — industrial, commercial and/or garage doorsets, rolling shutters or operable fabric curtains intended for the installation in areas in the reach of persons and for which the main intended uses are giving safe access for goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by persons, or — rolling shutters or operable fabric curtains used in retail premises which are mainly provided for the access of persons rather than vehicles or goods, or — pedestrian doorsets and/or openable windows and/or inspection hatches which are hinged or sliding, intended for the installation in areas in the reach of persons, and for which the main intended uses are giving safe access for persons and which are manually or power operated and: — opening and self closing as a normal mode of operation, or — normally held open but self closing in case of fire or smoke, or — normally maintained locked in the closed position (e. g. service access/inspection doorsets), and completed: — with building hardware, — with or without any side panel(s), flush over panel(s) and/or transom panel(s) (with or without glazing) and contained within a single perimeter frame for inclusion in a single aperture, — with or without any vision panel(s) in the door leaf or leave(s), — with or without any seals (e.g. for smoke control, fire resistance, draught, acoustic or weather characteristics). Product characteristics covered in EN 13241-1, EN 14351-1, prEN 14351-2 or EN 16361 will not compromise the fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics of a fire resisting and/or smoke control product. NOTE 1 Requirements included in EN 14351-1, prEN 14351-2, EN 13241-1 or EN 16361 might be relevant for the products covered by this standard. This standard also provides indications on the product modifications not affecting the performances of the concerned products. NOTE 2 The requirements and rules for variations (regarding the direct and extended field of applications) of fire resistance and/or smoke control doorsets are given in the EN 15269 series and EN 1634-1 and EN 1634-3, supported by, e.g. EN 16035.
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