EVS-EN 12369-2:2011

Wood-based panels - Characteristic values for structural design - Part 2: Plywood

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Valid from 03.08.2011
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EN 12369-2:2011
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This European Standard provides information on the characteristic values for use in designing structures incorporating wood-based panels. The characteristic values given in this standard are to be used in accordance with EN 1995-1-1. When utilizing the classification system for derivation of plywood characteristic values, this European Standard can only be applied with reference to EN 636. This European Standard includes the characteristic values of the mechanical properties for plywood complying with EN 636 in bending, tension, compression, panel shear and planar shear. EN 636 classifies bending properties into two sets of classes, one for stiffness and another for strength. Stiffness and strength in tension and compression are related to the same properties in bending. For shear properties, fixed values determined by correlation to density are provided. Where optimised values are needed, the characteristic values are determined directly by testing in accordance with EN 789 and EN 1058 or by combination of testing according to the latter two standards and calculation according to prEN 14272. This European Standard applies to panels complying with the three following conditions: - 5 layers or more and 6 mm overall thickness and more; - the ratio of the cumulative thickness of veneers in alternate directions does not exceed 2,5; - wood species with a mean density greater than 350 kg/m3 and not exceeding 750 kg/m3.
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