EVS-EN 16351:2015

Timber structures - Cross laminated timber - Requirements

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Withdrawn from 15.03.2021
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EN 16351:2015
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This European Standard sets out provisions regarding the performance characteristics for straight and curved structural cross laminated timber (X-Lam) both without and with large finger joints as a material for the manufacture of structural elements to be used in buildings and bridges.
This European Standard applies to cross laminated timber:
-  to be used in service class 1 or 2 according to EN 1995 1 1;
-  made of coniferous species and poplar listed in 5.1.5 of this standard;
-  built up of at least three orthogonally bonded layers (at least two of them timber layers);
-  having, depending on the number of layers, adjacent layers which may be bonded parallel to the grain;
-  made of timber layers which are made of strength graded timber according to EN 14081 1;
-  made of timber layers having thicknesses between 6 mm and 60 mm (including) taking into account the layup requirements given in this European standard;
-  made of timber layers which may be edge bonded or which are not bonded and have spacing less than 6 mm between adjacent laminations;
-  which may comprise wood based panel layers made of structural wood based panels specified in this European standard, fulfilling the requirements for use in service class 2 or 3 according to EN 1995 1 1, having no structural joints between the single panels and having thicknesses between 6 mm and 45 mm (including);
-  bonded with adhesives, fulfilling the requirements given in this European standard;
-  having overall thicknesses up to 500 mm;
-  which is not made from reused timber or wood based panels comprising reused timber.
This European Standard also applies to cross laminated timber with large finger joints:
-  made from cross laminated timber pieces having the same cross section and layup;
-  made from cross laminated timber pieces having cross sectional thicknesses from 51 mm up to 345 mm (inclusive) and minimum thicknesses of the outermost layers not less than 17 mm.
-  made from cross laminated timber pieces solely comprising timber layers;
-  made from plane cross laminated timber pieces jointed so that no regular change between the grain directions of the layers occurs;
-  with finger joints having a finger length of at least 45 mm and fingers which are visible at the two narrow sides of the components.
This European Standard applies to cross laminated timber treated against biological attack. Cross laminated timber treated with fire retardants is not covered.
It also sets out minimum production requirements and procedures for Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance.
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