EVS-EN 13036-1:2010

Road and airfield surface characteristics - Test methods - Part 1: Measurement of pavement surface macrotexture depth using a volumetric patch technique

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Valid from 06.09.2010
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EN 13036-1:2010
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This European Standard specifies a method for determining the average depth of pavement surface macrotexture by careful application of a known volume of material on the surface and subsequent measurement of the total area covered. The technique is designed to provide an average depth value of only the pavement macrotexture and is considered insensitive to pavement microtexture characteristics. This test method is suitable for field tests to determine the average macrotexture depth of a pavement surface. When used in conjunction with other physical tests, the macrotexture depth values derived from this test method can be used to determine the pavement skid resistance capability, noise characteristics and the suitability of paving materials or finishing techniques. When used with other tests, care should be taken that all tests are applied at the same location.
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