EVS-EN 13036-4:2011

Road and airfield surface characteristics - Test methods - Part 4: Method for measurement of slip/skid resistance of a surface: The pendulum test

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Valid from 02.11.2011
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EN 13036-4:2011
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This European Standard describes a method for determining the slip/skid resistance of a surface using a device which remains stationary at the test location. The slip/skid resistance is measured by means of a slider mounted at the end of a pendulum arm. The method provides a measure of the slip/skid resistance properties of a surface either in the field or in the laboratory. This method measures the slip/skid resistance of a small area of a surface (approximately 0,01 m2). This should be considered when deciding its applicability to a surface which may have non-homogeneous surface characteristics, e.g. containing ridges or grooves, or is rough textured (exceeding 1,2 mm mean texture depth).
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