EVS-EN 14411:2012

Ceramic tiles - Definitions, classification, characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

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Withdrawn from 03.08.2016
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EN 14411:2012

Although the standard’s status is withdrawn, it still has the presumption of conformity in the meaning of regulation 305/2011 and conformance with the regulation ’s requirements can be guaranteed by using the withdrawn version of the standard. The presumption of conformity is valid until a corresponding amendment is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
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EVS-EN 14411:2007
This European Standard defines terms and specifies characteristics for ceramic tiles produced by extrusion and dry-pressing techniques, used for internal and/or external floorings (including stairs) and walls. Furthermore, it provides the level of requirements for these characteristics and references to the test methods applied (see Note) as well as provisions for evaluation of conformity and marking. NOTE The series of standards EN ISO 10545 describe the test procedures required to determine most of the product characteristics listed in this European Standard. The series is divided into 16 parts, each describing a specific test procedure or related matter. This European Standard does not cover: - ceramic tiles made by processes other than extrusion or dry-pressing; - dry-pressed unglazed ceramic tiles with water absorption greater than 10 %; - ceramic tiles used for floorings on external road finishes; - ceramic tiles used in ceiling finishes or suspended ceilings.
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