EVS-EN 14411:2016

Ceramic tiles - Definition, classification, characteristics, assessment and verification of constancy of performance and marking

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Valid from 03.08.2016
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EN 14411:2016
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This European Standard defines terms and specifies characteristics for ceramic tiles, including mosaics (i.e. any piece that can fit into a square area of 49 cm2) produced by extrusion or dry-pressing techniques, used for internal and/or external floorings (including stairs) and/or walls. Furthermore, it provides the level of requirements for these characteristics and references to the test methods applied as well as provisions for the assessment and verification of the constancy of performance. This European Standard is not applicable to: — meshed backed products; — ceramic decorative accessories or trims (such as edges, corners, skirting, capping, coves, beads, curved tiles and other accessory pieces); — ceramic tiles made by processes other than extrusion or dry-pressing; — dry-pressed unglazed ceramic tiles with water absorption greater than 10 %; — ceramic tiles used for floorings on external road finishes; — ceramic tiles used in ceiling finishes or suspended ceilings.
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