EVS-EN 15286:2013

Agglomerated stone - Slabs and tiles for wall finishes (internal and external)

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Valid from 05.08.2013
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EN 15286:2013

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This European Standard specifies requirements and appropriate test methods for cladding slabs and tiles of agglomerated stone of length or width up to 3 500 mm which are made for use as internal and external wall finishes and are either fixed mechanically or glued by adhesive or mortar. It also provides provisions for the evaluation of conformity and marking of these products. This standard does not cover cladding slabs and tiles of agglomerated stone used for internal and external ceiling finishes. In addition, it does not cover also slabs and tiles of agglomerated stone intended to be used in suspended ceilings. Products covered by the standards EN 14992, EN 13198, EN 13748-1 and EN 13748-2 are also excluded of the scope of the present standard.
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