EVS-EN 16579:2018

Playing field equipment - Portable and permanent socketed goals - Functional, safety requirements and test methods (Corrected version 07.2019)

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Valid from 01.02.2018
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EN 16579:2018+AC:2019
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This European Standard is applicable to playing field goals used for competition, training or recreational play, indoor and outdoor areas including educational establishments and public recreational areas. It specifies the functional and safety requirements and test methods for all types of portable and permanent socketed goals having a total weight greater than 10 kg with the exception of goals with a size of 5,00 m × 2,00 m and 7,32 m × 2,44 m with a weight of > 42 kg, which are covered by EN 748 (see Table 1, Footnote b and c). The following goals specified in the standards listed below are also excluded: a) EN 748 (football); b) EN 749 (handball); c) EN 750 (hockey); d) EN 1270 (basketball) and any other type of goal used for basketball; e) EN 15312 (free access multi-sports); f) EN 13451 7 (water polo); g) EN 16664 (lightweight goals). The following goals are also excluded: h) inflatable goals; i) goals which are classified as toys under the responsibility of CEN/TC 52; j) for portable and permanent socketed playing field goals for American football; k) goals which are intended to move in use (e.g. Lacrosse, rink hockey and roller hockey).
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