EVS-EN 1708-1:2010

Welding - Basic weld joint details in steel - Part 1: Pressurized components

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Valid from 04.03.2010
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EN 1708-1:2010
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The purpose of this standard is to exemplify commonly accepted welded connections in pressure systems. It does not promote the standardization of connections that may be regarded as mandatory or restrict development in any way. Stress analysis rules should be considered if necessary. This standard contains examples of connections welded by: - Manual metal-arc welding with covered electrode (111); - Submerged arc welding (12); - Gas shielded metal arc welding (13); - Tungsten inert gas arc welding; TIG-welding (14); - Plasma arc welding (15); processes (process numbers according to EN ISO 4063) in steel pressure systems. Other processes by agreement. This standard covers welded joint details in steel, but can be applied to other metallic materials. In such cases the shape and dimensions of the weld should be checked. The estimation of the suitability of welded connections for special service conditions, for example corrosion and fatigue are not specially considered.
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