EVS-EN 1708-3:2012

Welding - Basic weld joint details in steel - Part 3: Clad, buttered and lined pressurized components

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Valid from 04.04.2012
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EN 1708-3:2012
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This European Standard complements EN 1708-1 with regard to applications in industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. It specifies established examples on how to construct claddings, linings and dissimilar joints and complex connections relevant to the welding technology and with regard to pressurized components (e.g. vessels, boilers and piping). In the following text therefore the term pressurized components will be used. These examples can also be used for other applications provided the relevant requirements are taken into account. For exceptional cases such as specific problems concerning corrosion or materials in need of special processes, other solutions can be necessary which are to be agreed upon between purchaser and manufacturer. Appropriate national regulations and corresponding design specifications are to be followed when selecting design examples as well as, if applicable, different or further requirements.
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