EVS-EN 17088:2021

Side curtain ventilation systems - Safety

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Valid from 20.07.2021
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EN 17088:2021
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1.1 General This document specifies the standardization of side curtain ventilation systems as defined in 3.1. This document specifies the safety aspects and performance. Included are machines that operate using the potential energy stored by the earlier application of human or animal force, such as stretched springs. This document addresses the following significant hazards associated with side curtain systems: - crushing; - cutting or severing; - drawing-in or trapping; - entanglement; - shearing; - suffocation; - electrocution and shock; - incorrect design, location or identification of control devices. 1.2 Exclusions This document does not apply to the following, which are intended for a different use: - doors and side curtains when used as doors which are specified in EN 13241:2003+A2:2016; - systems inflated by air; - screens supplied for the control of fire or smoke; - screens that move instantaneously upon the application of human force; - side curtains when used to control ventilation conditions in a toxic or explosive environment. This document is not applicable to side curtain ventilation systems manufactured before the date of its publication.
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