EVS-EN 197-2:2020

Cement - Part 2: Assessment and verification of constancy of performance

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Valid from 02.04.2020
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EN 197-2:2020
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This document specifies the scheme for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of cements, including certification of constancy of performance. The document provides technical rules for factory production control, further testing of samples taken at the manufacturing plant (autocontrol testing) and assessment of the performance of the cement, initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and of factory production control, continuing surveillance, assessment and evaluation of factory production control and audit-testing of samples. It also provides rules for actions to be followed in the event of non-conformity and requirements for depots. In this document, the word “cement” is used to refer both to common cements as defined in EN 197-1 and to other cements and binders for which the relevant product specification standard makes reference to this document and which are submitted for certification. Such a cement is produced at a given factory and belongs to a particular type and a particular strength class, as defined and specified in the relevant product specification standard. The guidelines given in the Technical Report CEN/TR 14245 [1] contain information for the application of this document. This document is linked with the Annexes ZA of European Standards covering cements and binders, i.e. EN 197-1, EN 14216, EN 14647, EN 413-1 and EN 15743. NOTE The reason for having drafted this separate document is that the provisions it includes are applicable to different products covered by different European Standards.
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