EVS-EN 246:2021

Sanitary tapware - General specifications for aerators

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Valid from 01.12.2021
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EN 246:2021
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This document specifies: - the dimensional, mechanical, hydraulic and acoustic characteristics with which sanitary tapware aerators (with and without flow regulation) should comply; - the procedures for testing these characteristics. This document is applicable to: - Sanitary tapware aerators intended to be mounted on tapware used with sanitary appliances in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens (e.g. single taps, combination tap assemblies, mechanical mixing valves, thermostatic mixing valves); - Sanitary tapware aerators used under the following pressure and temperature conditions (see Table 1). [Table 1: Conditions for the use of aerators] NOTE 1 Sanitary tapware aerators can only be connected downstream of the obturator of the sanitary tapware product. NOTE 2 For the purposes of brevity, sanitary tapware aerators will be detailed only as aerators in the rest of this document. NOTE 3 The tests described in this document are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture. NOTE 4 Aerator swivels are to be tested in combination with a specific aerator only and are therefore considered to be sanitary tapware accessories. (Testing of the stand-alone swivels is therefore not covered by the scope of this document. Where swivels are used they are considered to be part of the tapware constructions, e.g. for bidet taps).
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