EVS-EN 50191:2010

Erection and operation of electrical test equipment

General information
Valid from 06.12.2010
Base Documents
EN 50191:2010
Directives or regulations

Standard history

1.1 This European Standard is applicable to the erection and operation of fixed and temporary electrical test installations.
1.2 Compliance with this European Standard is not necessary, if contact with live parts presents no danger. This is the case when one of the following conditions is satisfied at live exposed points:
a) the voltage at frequencies above 500 Hz does not exceed 25 V a.c. or 60 V d.c. and complies with the requirements for SELV or for PELV in accordance with HD 60364-4-41;
b) in case of voltages at frequencies up to 500 Hz exceeding 25 V a.c. or 60 V d.c., the resultant current through a non-inductive resi¬stance of 2 k does not exceed 3 mA a.c. (r.m.s.) or 12 mA d.c;
c) at frequencies above 500 Hz the national determined current and voltage values shall be applied. If there are no national requirements determined reference values for permissible body currents and contact voltages can be taken from Table A.1;
d) the discharge energy does not exceed 350 mJ.
NOTE 1 Even though compliance with the requirements of this European Standard is not necessary, if one of the above-mentioned conditions is satisfied, other potential risks e. g. risk of fire and explosion shall be considered and appropriate measures be taken.
NOTE 2 Ref. 1.2 b) & 1.2 d): The values for the resultant current of 3 mA a.c. or 12 mA d.c. and the discharge energy of 350 mJ comply with the values for live working specified in EN 50110-1. These values also comply with the values specified in IEC/TS 60479-1.
1.3 This European Standard does not apply to the power supply to the test installations. In this case, the documents of the HD 60364 series (for nominal voltages up to 1 000 V) or HD 637 (for nominal voltages exceeding 1 kV) are applicable to erection and EN 50110-1 is applicable to operation.
1.4 Where no requirements are given in this European Standard, the documents of the HD 60364 series (for nominal voltages up to 1 000 V) or HD 637 (for nominal voltages exceeding 1 kV) apply to the erection of electrical test installations and EN 50110-1 applies to the operation of electrical test installations.
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