EVS-EN 50849:2017

Sound systems for emergency purposes

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Valid from 04.04.2017
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EN 50849:2017
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This European Standard specifies the performance requirements for sound systems which are primarily intended to broadcast information for the protection of lives within one or more specified areas in an emergency. It also gives the characteristics and the methods of test necessary for the specification of the system. This European Standard applies to sound reinforcement and distribution systems to be used to effect a rapid and orderly mobilization of occupants in an indoor or outdoor area in an emergency, including systems using loudspeakers to broadcast voice announcements for emergency purposes and attention-drawing or alarm tone signals. This European Standard does not apply to emergency sound systems used for evacuation in case of fire emergency, whether connected to a fire detection and fire alarm system or not. NOTE 1 The use of the system for normal sound reinforcement and distribution systems purposes under non-hazardous circumstances is not excluded. It is recommended that the system, when used for emergency purposes, should form part of a complete facility (equipment, operating procedures and training programmes) for the control of emergencies. NOTE 2 Sound systems for emergency purposes may be the subject of approval by relevant authorities.
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