EVS-EN 60034-18-21:2013

Rotating electrical machines - Part 18-21: Functional evaluation of insulation systems - Test procedures for wire-wound windings - Thermal evaluation and classification (IEC 60034-18-21:2012)

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Valid from 06.05.2013
Base Documents
IEC 60034-18-21:2012; EN 60034-18-21:2013
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This part of IEC 60034 gives test procedures for the thermal evaluation and classification of insulation systems used or proposed for use in wire-wound alternating current (a.c.) or direct current (d.c.) rotating electrical machines. The test performance of a candidate insulation system is compared to the test performance of a reference insulation system with proven service experience. IEC 60034-18-1 describes general testing principles applicable to thermal endurance testing of insulation systems used in rotating electrical machines. The principles of IEC 60034-18-1 are followed unless otherwise stated in IEC 60034-18-21.
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