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EVS-EN 61000-4-2:2009

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) -- Part 4-2: Testing and measurement techniques - Electrostatic discharge immunity test

General information

Valid from 04.06.2009
Base Documents
IEC 61000-4-2:2008; EN 61000-4-2:2009
Directives or regulations

Standard history

EN 61000-4-2 outlines the requirements and test methods for evaluating the performance of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to static electricity discharges. This can include discharges from operators directly, and from people to objects near the equipment. The goal of EN 61000-4-2 is to provide a consistent and reliable way to test the immunity of equipment to these types of discharges, to ensure its proper functioning in various environmental and installation conditions. The standard also includes test procedures and defines ranges of test levels based on these conditions.

It is important for equipment to meet these requirements to ensure its electromagnetic compatibility, or the ability to function properly in the presence of other electrical and electronic devices. The text of IEC 61000-4-2:2008 has been approved in Europe as EN 61000-4-2:2009 without any modification and supersedes EN 61000-4-2:1995+A1:1998+A2:2001.

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