EVS-EN 61340-2-1:2015/A1:2022

Electrostatics - Part 2-1: Measurement methods - Ability of materials and products to dissipate static electric charge

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Valid from 01.09.2022
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IEC 61340-2-1:2015/AMD1:2022; EN 61340-2-1:2015/A1:2022
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This part of IEC 61340 describes test methods for measuring the rate of dissipation of static charge of insulating and static materials and products. It includes a generic description of test methods and detailed test procedures for specific applications. The two test methods for measuring charge decay time, one using corona charging and one using a charged metal plate are different and might not give equivalent results. Nevertheless, each method has a range of applications for which it is best suited. The corona charging method is suitable for evaluating the ability of materials, for example textiles, packaging, etc., to dissipate charge from their own surfaces. The charged metal plate method is suitable for evaluating the ability of materials and objects such as gloves, finger cots, hand tools, etc. to dissipate charge from conductive objects placed on or in contact with them. The charged plate method might not be suitable for evaluating the ability of materials to dissipate charge from their own surfaces. In addition to its general application, this horizontal standard is also intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards in accordance with the principles laid down in IEC Guide 108. One of the responsibilities of a technical committee is, wherever applicable, to make use of horizontal standards in the preparation of its publications. The contents of this horizontal standard shall not apply unless specifically referred to or included in the relevant publications.
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