EVS-EN 61439-5:2015

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Part 5: Assemblies for power distribution in public networks

General information
Valid from 02.07.2015
Base Documents
IEC 61439-5:2014; EN 61439-5:2015; EN 61439-5:2015/AC:2015; IEC 61439-5/Cor 1:2015; EVS-EN 61439-5:2015/AC:2017
Directives or regulations
2014/35/EU Low voltage (LVD)

Standard history

prEN IEC 61439-5:2022
Main + corrigendum
This part of IEC 61439 defines the specific requirements for public electricity network
distribution assemblies (PENDAs).
PENDAs have the following criteria:
– used for the distribution of electrical energy in three phase systems for which the rated voltage does not exceed 1 000 V a.c. (see Figure 101 for a typical distribution network);
– stationary;
– open ASSEMBLIES are not covered by this standard;
– suitable for installation in places where only skilled persons have access for their use, however, outdoor types may be installed in situations that are accessible to ordinary persons;
– for indoor or outdoor use.
The object of this standard is to state the definitions and to specify the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and tests for PENDAs. Network parameters may require tests at higher performance levels.
PENDAs may also include control and or signalling devices associated with the distribution of electrical energy.
This standard applies to all PENDAs whether they are designed, manufactured on a one-off basis or fully standardised and manufactured in quantity.
The manufacture and/or assembly may be carried out other than by the original manufacturer (see 3.10.1 of IEC 61439-1:2011).
This standard does not apply to individual devices and self-contained components, such as motor starters, fuse switches, electronic equipment, etc. which comply with the relevant product standards.
This standard does not apply to specific types of ASSEMBLIES covered by other parts of IEC 61439 series.
NOTE 1 If a PENDA is equipped with additional equipment (for example meters), in such a way that the main
function is changed considerably, then other standards can also apply as agreed between user and manufacturer
(see 8.5 of IEC 61439-1:2011).
NOTE 2 Where local regulations and practices permit, a PENDA according to this standard can be used in other
than public networks.
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