EVS-EN 62305-3:2011

Protection against lightning - Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard

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Valid from 05.04.2011
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IEC 62305-3:2010; EN 62305-3:2011
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prEN 62305-3:2017
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This part of IEC 62305 provides the requirements for protection of a structure against physical damage by means of a lightning protection system (LPS), and for protection against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages in the vicinity of an LPS (see IEC 62305-1). This standard is applicable to: a) design, installation, inspection and maintenance of an LPS for structures without limitation of their height, b) establishment of measures for protection against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages. NOTE 1 Specific requirements for an LPS in structures dangerous to their surroundings due to the risk of explosion are under consideration. Additional information is provided in Annex D for use in the interim. NOTE 2 This part of IEC 62305 is not intended to provide protection against failures of electrical and electronic systems due to overvoltages. Specific requirements for such cases are provided in IEC 62305-4. NOTE 3 Specific requirements for protection against lightning of wind turbines are reported in IEC 61400-24 [2].
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