EVS-EN 62493:2015

Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic Field

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Valid from 03.12.2015
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IEC 62493:2015; EN 62493:2015
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This International Standard applies to the assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields. The assessment consists of the induced internal electric field for frequencies from 20 kHz to 10 MHz and the specific absorption rate (SAR) for frequencies from 100 kHz to 300 MHz around lighting equipment. Included in the scope of this standard are: – all lighting equipment with a primary function of generating and/or distributing light intended for illumination purposes, and intended either for connection to the low voltage electricity supply or for battery operation; used indoor and/or outdoor; – lighting part of multi-function equipment where one of the primary functions of this is illumination; – independent auxiliaries exclusively for the use with lighting equipment; – lighting equipment including intentional radiators for wireless communication or control. Excluded from the scope of this standard are: – lighting equipment for aircraft and airfields; – lighting equipment for road vehicles; (except lighting used for the illumination of passenger compartments in public transport) – lighting equipment for agriculture; – lighting equipment for boats/vessels; – photocopiers, slide projectors; – apparatus for which the requirements of electromagnetic fields are explicitly formulated in other IEC standards. NOTE The methods described in this standard are not suitable for comparing the fields from different lighting equipment. This standard does not apply to built-in components for luminaires such as electronic controlgear.
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