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EVS-EN IEC 62232:2022

Determination of RF field strength, power density and SAR in the vicinity of base stations for the purpose of evaluating human exposure

General information

Valid from 01.12.2022
Base Documents
IEC 62232:2022; EN IEC 62232:2022
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Standard history

EN IEC 62232:2022/prA1:2023
IEC 62232:2022 addresses the evaluation of RF field strength, power density and specific absorption rate (SAR) levels in the vicinity of base stations (BS), also called products or equipment under test (EUT), intentionally radiating in the radio frequency (RF) range 110 MHz to 300 GHz in accordance with the scope, see Clause 1. It does not address the evaluation of current density.
RF exposure evaluation methods to be used for product compliance, product installation compliance and in-situ RF exposure assessments are specified in this document. Exposure limits are not specified in this document. The entity conducting RF exposure assessments refers to the set of exposure limits applicable where exposure takes place. Examples of applicable exposure limits considered in this document are provided in the Bibliography, for example ICNIRP-2020 [1], ICNIRP-1998 [2], IEEE Std C95.1™-2019 [3] and Safety Code 6 [4].

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