EVS-EN ISO 11252:2013

Lasers and laser-related equipment - Laser device - Minimum requirements for documentation (ISO 11252:2013)

General information
Valid from 09.09.2013
Base Documents
ISO 11252:2013; EN ISO 11252:2013

Standard history

This International Standard specifies the minimum documentation, marking and labelling for all laser products classified in accordance with IEC 60825-1 including laser diodes and all laser devices defined in ISO 11145. It is applicable to laser systems being integrated in a laser product in accordance with IEC 60825-1 and laser devices being integrated in a laser unit or processing machine in accordance with ISO 11553-1 and ISO 11553-2. This International Standard is not applicable to (ready-to-use) complete laser products, embedded laser products without external laser emission by means of protective enclosure or laser processing machines that incorporate a laser device. This International Standard is not applicable to incoherent lamps and other similar sources such as LEDs that are required to comply with IEC 62471. This International Standard specifies requirements for technical data sheets (see Clause 5) and information for the user (see Clause 6). The requirements in this International Standard augment but do not supersede any of the requirements in IEC 60825-1. NOTE 1 The provision of technical data and safety information is an integral part of a product and is essential for its safe use. The documentation covers the whole life cycle, transport, assembly, system integration, normal operation, maintenance, service, decommissioning and disposal. NOTE 2 For incomplete (not ready-for-use) machines, the manufacture/supplier is responsible for the documentation with regard to all components provided by him.
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