EVS-EN ISO 17871:2020

Gas cylinders - Quick-release cylinder valves - Specification and type testing (ISO 17871:2020)

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Valid from 01.09.2020
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ISO 17871:2020; EN ISO 17871:2020
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Standard history
This document, in conjunction with ISO 10297 and ISO 14246, specifies design, type testing, marking and manufacturing tests, and examinations requirements for quick-release cylinder valves intended to be fitted to refillable transportable gas cylinders, pressure drums and tubes which convey: — non-toxic; — non-oxidizing; — non-flammable; and — non-corrosive; compressed or liquefied gases or extinguishing agents charged with compressed gases to be used for fire-extinguishing, explosion protection, and rescue applications. NOTE 1 The main application of such quick-release cylinder valves is in the fire-fighting industry. However, there are other applications such as avalanche airbags, life raft inflation and similar applications. NOTE 2 Where there is no risk of ambiguity, gas cylinders, pressure drums and tubes are addressed with the collective term "cylinders" within this document. This document covers the function of a quick-release cylinder valve as a closure. This document does not apply to quick-release cylinder valves for cryogenic equipment and for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This document does not apply to quick-release cylinder valves if used as the main closure of portable fire extinguishers because portable fire extinguishers are not covered by transport regulation. Quick-release cylinder valves of auxiliary refillable propellant gas cylinders used within or as part of portable fire extinguishers are covered by this document, if these cylinders are transported separately, e.g. for filling (see UN Model Regulations, Chapter 3.3, Special Provision 225, second note[1]).
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