EVS-EN ISO 3691-4:2023

Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 4: Driverless industrial trucks and their systems (ISO 3691-4:2023)

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Valid from 01.08.2023
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ISO 3691-4:2023; EN ISO 3691-4:2023
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ISO 3691-4 specifies safety requirements and the means for their verification for driverless industrial trucks and their systems. Examples of driverless industrial trucks include automated guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots, bots, automated guided carts, tunnel tugger, under carts etc. ISO 3691-4 is also applicable to driverless industrial trucks. But is not applicable to trucks solely guided by mechanical means (rails, guides, etc.) or to remotely controlled trucks, which are not considered to be driverless trucks.

For the purposes of this standard, a driverless industrial truck is a powered truck, which is designed to operate automatically. A driverless truck system comprises the control system, which can be part of the truck or separate from it, guidance means and power system. Requirements for power sources are not covered in this standard.

ISO 3691-4 is applicable to all significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events during all phases of the life of the truck, relevant to the applicable machines when it is used as intended. In particular, this document does not apply to significant hazards related to noise, vibrations, ionising and non-ionising radiation, laser radiation, sales literature (commercial documents) and declaration of vibrations transmitted by mobile machinery.

It does not apply to additional hazards that can occur during operation in nuclear environments, on a public road, in potentially explosive environments, in military action, in operations with specific hygienic requirements or in ionizing radiation environments. It also does not apply in severe conditions.

The text of ISO 3691-4:2023 has been approved in Europe as EN ISO 3691-4:2023 without any changes.
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