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EVS-ISO 5667-22:2023

Water quality - Sampling - Part 22: Guidance on the design and installation of groundwater monitoring points (ISO 5667-22:2010, identical)

General information

Valid from 02.10.2023
Base Documents
ISO 5667-22:2010
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This part of ISO 5667 gives guidelines for the design, construction and installation of groundwater quality
monitoring points to help ensure that representative samples of groundwater can be obtained. Within the
guidance consideration is given to:
a) the impact of installation materials on the environment;
b) the impact of the installation on sample integrity;
c) the impact of the environment on the installation and the materials used in its construction.
These guidelines allow the impacts to be considered and accounted for when designing a groundwater
sampling programme. They also allow an informed assessment of data and results obtained from existing
installations, the construction of which can potentially have an impact on sample integrity.
These guidelines are intended for installations and monitoring in different environments including those where
background or baseline groundwater conditions are being established or monitored and those in which
impacts of contamination are being investigated.

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