IEC TS 62998-3:2023

Safety of machinery - Safety-related sensors used for the protection of persons - Part 3: Sensor technologies and algorithms

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Valid from 25.08.2023
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IEC TS 62998-3:2023 gives guidance on:
- analysis of sensor technologies of different wavelength ranges, measurement methods, and the sensing unit arrangement in an SRS, respectively the arrangement of SRSs in an SRSS;
- representative physical properties of safety-related objects with due consideration of their material characteristics and the sensor technology/technologies used in an SRS/SRSS to achieve the detection capability and comparable results during verification and validation;
- analysis of the interference of objects present in the surrounding on the safety related objects and thereby the influence on the dependability of the detection capability;
- use of algorithms during design, development and maintenance to achieve appropriate detection capability and dependability of detection;
- appropriate use of algorithms during the integration of SRS or SRSS by the integrator to improve execution of measurement information or provide decision information derived from measurement information.
If an SRS/SRSS uses sensor technologies not stated in this document, then the generic approach in accordance with IEC TS 62998-1 applies.
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352.49 € incl tax
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