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ISO 16399:2023

Agricultural irrigation equipment — Meters for irrigation water

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Valid from 13.02.2023
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This document specifies the requirements and certification procedures for water meters, irrespective of the design technologies used to meter the actual volume of cold water or heated water flowing through a fully charged closed conduit. These water meters incorporate devices, which indicate the integrated volume. It applies to water meters intended for irrigation use (herein after referred to as water meters), regardless of the water quality used for this purpose.
This document also applies to water meters based on electrical or electronic principles and to water meters based on mechanical principles, incorporating electronic devices used to meter the actual volume flow of cold water. It provides metrological requirements for electronic ancillary devices when they are subject to metrological control.
NOTE      Clean water meters are different from irrigation water meters. This document is based on clean water meters standards but, it is important to develop a specific standard for irrigation water meters indicating their specific requirements.

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254.36 € incl tax
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