EVS-EN ISO 4064-5:2017+A11:2023

Water meters for cold potable water and hot water - Part 5: Installation requirements (ISO 4064-5:2014)

General information
Valid from 15.02.2023
Base Documents
ISO 4064-5:2014; EN ISO 4064-5:2017; EN ISO 4064-5:2017/A11:2022
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This part of ISO 4064 applies to water meters used to meter the volume of cold potable water and hot water flowing through a fully charged, closed conduit. These water meters incorporate devices which indicate the integrated volume. This part of ISO 4064 specifies criteria for the selection of single, combination and concentric water meters, associated fittings, installation, special requirements for meters, and the first operation of new or repaired meters to ensure accurate constant measurement and reliable reading of the meter. In addition to meters based on mechanical principles, this part of ISO 4064 also applies to water meters based on electrical or electronic principles, and to water meters based on mechanical principles incorporating electronic devices, used to measure the volume of cold potable water and hot water. It also applies to electronic ancillary devices. Ancillary devices are optional. However, national or international regulations may make some ancillary devices mandatory in relation to the utilization of the water meter. The recommendations of this part of ISO 4064 apply to water meters, irrespective of technology, defined as integrating measuring instruments continuously determining the volume of water flowing through them. NOTE Any national regulations apply in the country of use.
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