ISO 18527-2:2021

Eye and face protection for sports use — Part 2: Requirements for eye protectors for squash and eye protectors for racquetball and squash 57

General information
Valid from 02.03.2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This document applies to all eye protectors intended for eye protection against hazards during playing or instructing in the sports of squash, racquetball and squash 57 and sports with similar hazards and no greater risks. It applies to eye protectors that incorporate prescription lenses but has no specific tests for eye protectors designed for use over spectacles. It specifies requirements and testing for materials, performance, marking of eye protectors and information to be supplied by the manufacturer. Information on the selection and use of eye protectors for squash, racquetball and squash 57 is given in Annex A. This document does not apply to a) sports eye protectors designed for use over prescription spectacles, b) eye protectors for other occupational applications, c) eye protectors without lenses, d) eye protectors for sports where the hazards are unrelated to the hazards in or involve greater risks than squash, racquetball and squash 57, and e) eye protectors with gradient-tinted lenses because they are not appropriate for squash, racquetball or squash 57.
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131.11 € incl tax
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